Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mama Kay's Gnomes

Last time I was in New Jersey was for my grandfather's funeral.  While we were at my grandparents house someone was trying to write something and then pen didn't work and one of my aunts exclaimed, "throw it out! throw it out!" and something about not waiting till we have to clean out and organize the house.  And that prompted me to ask permission to have a Gnome.  These Gnomes have lived in my grandmother's yard for as long as I can remember.  I've been fussed at countless times for moving them.  I found them fascinating as a child.  And they are the reason I loved "Gnomeo and Juliet"

I did receive permission to aquire a Gnome and so of course I took two... strike while the iron is hot and all that right?

yesterday it snowed.  My grandmother loved snow.  She would tell us stories about how there used to be really good snows when she was a child and they would close off streets so the kids could sled, and about ice skating on the lakes... in fact she loved it so much my aunt commissioned a painting of the house covered in snow.

So, I know the Gnomes were happy.  These are the two I relocated to Virginia from New Jersey:


somebody named "ianthegnome" found my photo on Instagram.  He has a shop on Etsy with some disturbing zombie style gnomes, some funny athletic gnomes; the wresters are humorous and there are NFL teams and so on.  And some really cool sugar skull style gnomes.

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