Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ski Lessons at Wintergreen Resort

The "Treehouse" at Wintergreen Resort is what we call the ski school and child care building.  Last year my little guy hung out in the child care room a few times.  He loved it!  This year he is learning to ski at the ski school.  The husband taught the oldest 4 to ski.  He had a job as a ski instructor in college (?) and has a whole program he puts the kids through to teach them to ski.  But these days he is one of the coaches for the race team so I'm letting the Treehouse instructors teach my youngest to ski.

Last weekend was busy busy at Wintergreen Resort and I did not get our reservation to the Treehouse in in time for Saturday and Sunday.  But he went on Monday which was good as I was watching my racers and it would have been difficult to do with my little guy in tow.  When he walked out to the snow Monday morning three of the instructors called out his name at once to say hello.  And when I picked him up he was happy as lark, riding up the magic carpet and then skiing down on the little bit of snow they have set aside for the ski school.  He'd over turn and end up skiing backwards.  It looked like he was doing it on purpose.


I tried to capture a little bit on video with my phone, but I didn't want him to see me so I didn't get very close.  He is in the yellow ski pants and the blue jacket.  His turns are coming along.  But he stops by either running into an adult who he expects will catch him or by skiing to one of those green carpet squares and letting the square stop him.

He has his instructor wrapped around his little finger.  "He can do everything," she said to me laughing "but he just likes to be on the ground."  Little Hawk is a very sweet little guy and he told her he loved her.  She was delighted.  I didn't tell her that he loves everybody.

There are kids on the ski team who were taught to ski by the Instructors at the Treehouse, and then graduated to a program called Mountain Ex, and then they tried out for ski team.  I've been told that the Ski Team coaches work with the Mountain Ex instructors to make sure that the kids are learning what they need to know to try out for ski team.  If you are looking for a place for your kids to learn to ski, the Treehouse has a good track record and they work hard to keep it fun.  Call ahead. Preregistration is a must on weekends.

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