Sunday, January 5, 2014

starting off "right" hah

This always happened to me in college. I'd focus on making it through to break and I'd get home and the next day I would be sick and I'd spend a day or two in bed.

This year has been *crazy* and my husband has pushed himself and everyone around him hard to get things accomplished both personally and professionally and if a few places that has over lapped.  And then there is the three ring circus of 2 kids on travel soccer teams, and 1 kid running high school track, and 2 ballerinas prepping for Nutcracker and I'm pretty much doing it on my own as the husband has been focused on his stuff. And of course working the dog. And not neglecting the other dog. And so on...

And I had a BLAST over Christmas and took all these pictures and kept stealing everybody else's phone to take pictures. And then New Year's Eve Day I drove back home from the ski house and walked through the door and started shaking. I was freezing. And the kids decorated the table and my husband picked up some Italian food from an awesome local restaurant (he'd spent all day moving furniture into and out of storage - long story) and I ate dinner in a hat - still shaking and still freezing but hungry so I'm thinking I'm not sick - but I was in bed by 9:30.  The next morning there was evidence in the kitchen that the kids had stayed up late and played with baking soda and vinegar maybe (?) blowing up balloons and getting a sugar high on sparkling cider. I made it to the kitchen, looked for a drink of water maybe and didn't get out of bed again for 2 days.

You know that sick when you were a kid where you shook and were hot and then cold and coughing up nasty green stuff and your mom put you to bed and brought you soup? Yeah - I had that. Have that.  Two days in bed. Day three out of bed for short amounts of time. Today I actually got dressed.  I still haven't left the house and I cannot laugh or take a deep breath without coughing and darn it my ribs feel like I took a beating from all the hacking.  But there is less junk, and the color is clearing so I know I'm improving it is just taking for freaking ever.

My kids brought me breakfast in bed one day- and then M kept checking on me and asking if I needed anything (and she had a milder version) and I kept saying no.  But what I really wanted was my mom. "Mommy!"  Totally wanted my mom.  Because she'd have made me tea every hour, and brought me that nasty apple cider vinegar & honey concoction (that stuff works) and reminded me to gargle with salt water (tastes nasty but makes your throat feel way better) and best of all, she'd have cooked up some killer chicken soup.  Man I wanted my mom.  But I was pretty sure we'd make her sick.  I talked to her today.  Unfortunately since she was with us for Christmas, we did make her sick.  She was in the bed the two days I was hobbling around.  Yeesh.

So I figure - this is my big illness for 2014 and once I'm recovered I'll feel awesome.  I must have looked pretty bad though - because the vegan husband actually brought me home some Cambell's Chicken Noodle Soup yesterday.
I asked for soup on Thursday and he brought home Amy's Lentils.  Normally I am a big fan. But not when I'm sick.  So when Tiger got home I sent him across the street to ask our neighbor for soup and all they had was Cambell's Cream of Chicken. That worked fine. Friday my husband brought home some Chinese take-out with soup for me.  That was perfect! But the kids went with him to pick up somethings for dinner yesterday and they picked out Tortilla Soup without cheese (who knew) and fixings for guacamole (which I couldn't eat. so sad!) and they also bought me the chicken noodle soup just in case.  I ate it today for lunch.

Weirdest thing. I cannot drink coffee. Can't get it down.  Haven't had it since New Year's Eve. Normally I drink any where from 2 to 4 cups a day.  This is so weird. Thankfully, hot toddies taste just fine.  Off to fix myself one now.  Happy New Year!