Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Races

yesterday, Martin Luther King Day, Wintergreen held a GS race and my kids participated.  One of the dad's takes pictures and posts them on SmugMug as "Purple Sage"

here are a few:
Tiger, U14
K, U16
She doesn't think she looks intense enough. 

MLyons, U10

He didn't get any pictures of Dragon, maybe next time.
They had a good race, Tiger placed 6th, Dragon brought in 3rd and MLyons 3rd but she's pretty sure they recorded the wrong time.  We are a competitive bunch :)
My husband didn't get to race yesterday.  He was keeping the computer and the timer on track in the ski shack and recovering from a rough night.  Sunday his buddy was up skiing with us and took a fall, compound fracture to the wrist.  They left the ski house around 4 to drive to the medical center in Charlottesville, about 25-30 minutes away.  They waited until almost 9:30 until he was seen by a doctor.  My husband said 6 ambulances pulled up while they were waiting.  The center was crazy busy.  They guys got back to the ski house around 2 AM. 

This weekend should be fun at the resort.  They are getting snow today.  And it should stay cold all week so we shouldn't loose any coverage.

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Alisa Hope Wagner said...

Wow! Those are great shots! Congratulations on the great races. My kids are starting sports now, and I think I'll need a better camera than my phone :)