Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekends at Wintergreen

some shots from a weekend of ski training at Wintergreen Resort:

We arrived on Friday, just as it was getting dark.  On the way I had stopped in Charlottesville at Plow and Hearth (I could just buy out that entire store) for "fat wood."  The house does have heat, but the heating system has a hard time keeping up and so we rely on the wood burning stove to make up the difference.  When we arrived at the house the thermostat read "44" degrees F.  Luckily, the bathrooms each have a built in heater in the ceiling fan, separate from the HVAC system, and they produce beautifully.  So the kids piled into different bathrooms and turned on the heaters and stayed warm!  To add to the situation the fan that pushes the warm air from the wood stove out into my house had shorted out.  The weekend before a spark literally flew out of the top vent on the stove and then the fuse blew.  It happened 3 times.  So we left it off for the rest of the day, and the kids had a race and Tim helped with the computer systems for the race and we just left it to deal with later.  Well, Friday it was later.  So I'd gotten a fire going, and the oven on to cook dinner, and 2 hours later the house was still at 47 degrees.  Brrr... and then my husband blew in around 9 PM from work and immediately pulled out tools and cut wires and rewired and fixed the blower and we had heat from the fire helping the heater out.  By Saturday morning the thermostat was reading mid 50s.

Saturday afternoon after race practice Wintergreen sets up a NASTAR course.  Click that link there and you can find out all about NASTAR.  This is Bitsy and Tiger in line waiting to race.  Bitsy's first time on a course of any kind.  We had root beer floats to celebrate.

Mlyons and ski buddy

K and friends photo bombing cracks me up.  The ski team girls are lots of fun!

Saturday afternoon I took the dogs out for a long walk and took my phone to take some end of day photos.  I love the sky up there at Wintergreen.

view from the Highlands Express

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Looks like some good times!