Monday, February 3, 2014

a bit of levity

In the midst of all this canine drama I took a walk today to clear my head. In a down pour, with the German Shepherd (she is oblivious to weather) and got a bit into my walk and my bladder quit.  Totally quit.  I have to pee NOW! This bladder thing drives me bananas.  I peed before I left home.  I'm maybe 1/2 mile into my walk? Not even? What the heck!  Maybe it is all the rain around me, got my bladder excited.  Who knows.  I blame my birth son.  He was a big baby, he was 2 weeks late and he decided to be born and showed up 3 hours later.  Just kinda barreled on out and I'm pretty sure rearranged everything in his way.  I digress...

Normally I take a short break at South Hall Center when this happens.  But it quickly becomes clear I will not make it to South Hall.  It is winter, which means that the old "go find a tree" solution won't work either.  The only plants with leaves are in people's yards.  Can you imagine looking out the window to that scene?

I'm trying to come up with options. I can't make it home.  I've passed the road to Kara or Kathleen's house who would both laugh hysterically at me but at least wait till after I peed so as not to mess up their carpets.

OK, looking around, I think the L family lives on this street.  I don't know them very well but I'm desperate.  They are not home.  But Mara lives around the corner.  Please God! I make it to Mara's and the garage is open.  I tie the leash to the little arbor by the fence and knock on the door.  No answer.  I open the door from the garage and call out.  No Mara. OK at this point it is go on in or pee in the garage so I take off my boots, and hat and call out again and go in.  Open a door.  Laundry room.  Damn! Look how nice and neat those shoes are lined up! Next door pantry.  Next door stairs.  Mara! still calling.  And I find the hall bath. And take care of business.  And then I hear foot steps upstairs.  Oh Man! Now I've been caught in their bathroom!  So... I call out and wait.  And her husband comes down the stairs.  I apologize for breaking in and taking advantage of the facilities and he is being oh so nice about it...
I want to say again I did leave the dog outside, but since I'm pretty much a walking cloud of fur (Pig Pen from Peanuts anyone?) there might be fur in the house.  And I am so so sorry but so so grateful!

So um... my house isn't terribly close to the walking path.  But feel free to stop by should the need arise.  It is never, ever, as clean and tidy as Mara's and I cannot promise that the 4 year old hasn't stopped up the toilet.  But it is here if you need it.

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JJ said...

I can identify. I used to say, "Next stop, Denver." Now I say, "Let's stop at the clubhouse" before I leave our complex.