Wednesday, February 26, 2014

bragging on Bitsy

having a slope side snack on Tyro

I am very proud of this young lady. She is 7 years old and this past weekend she and I had to manage the ski lift with her 4 year old brother while her dad was away at Snowshoe West Virginia for a race. That meant that even though I was there she was pretty much on her own. For a lot of 7 year olds the lift is not a big deal but Bitsy is short for her age.  It usually isn't a problem (other than she acts like a 4 year old and gets away with it) but it makes getting onto a ski lift a little bit harder.  At Wintergreen she practices on the big 6 person chair and that is a breeze. Easy peasy. But then we ski "through the tunnel" to the Big Acorn lift which moves a little faster and isn't as low. That means it is a fast scoot to load and she has to turn and jump. She was making it about 1/2 of the time.  And I'd get Little Hawk on and then grab her with my other arm and scoot her up but it was a little nerve wracking.  She was a trooper though and she conquered it.

So I told her about when I was around her age and my family liked to ski at Brian Head in Utah.  There was a two person lift and my mother would ride with my brother and my father would ride with my sister and I was the oldest so I'd ride up with someone from the singles line.  And I remember a young woman asking me after we got on the chair "can you really ski?" and I said something like "not very well" or "sort of" because for some unremembered reason it had already gotten into my little head that I should never sound like I was bragging. And she freaked out. "Your mom said you could ski and you wouldn't need any help." I hated riding the lift with people I didn't know.

Why did it matter that Bitsy work out the faster lift? Because the runs over by Big Acorn are less crowded. Awareness is hard to teach small people and small people on skis have a tendency to turn suddenly and cut people off.  I did that, cut someone off, when I was 6 or 7 and I got clobbered.  Poor man couldn't adjust fast enough.  My mom almost took the guy's head off she was so mad and I remember it to this day.  So I get nervous when the slopes are crowded. So Bitsy worked hard and she got it and we skied Tyro most of the weekend. What a big girl!

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Rachel said...

Oy vey... I still cannot ski, so the fact that she can ski at her age, and also manage the lifts is really impressive! :)

What a cute little skiier you have there!