Saturday, February 1, 2014

I know better!

I bought some cheap raw hide bones, the kind with the knots at the end, at the grocery store.  I never buy those.  I know better!  But It is week two of snow, which means I'm taking walks with the dogs with the 4 year old and he walks so slow and my fingers and toes get cold at that pace... and the German Shepherd is going bananas.  One would think that if school was out I could dump her on Tiger, and he does take her out to play in the morning for about 10 minutes.  But then he goes to work for his dad... all day.  And she's going bananas.  So I bought some chews and the older labrador ate his and hers and probably ate them too fast trying to make sure that she wouldn't steal them back... little canine sibling love.  And now he is in the hospital.
His prognosis is good.  They think he has pancreatitis in addition to constipation caused by the rawhide. He is very dehydrated.  And so, he is in the hospital on fluid IV and pain killers.
So sad.
And it is making me crazy because I do know better.
That and the diagnosis and initial treatment at my vet was around $600.00 (xrays, enema, fluids, observation) not to mention the hospital bill on top of that.  (Not all veterinarians offer 24 hour staff for observation so they send the dogs to the emergency hospital where they have 24 hour staff)
And to add insult to injury, while I was at the vet, for 6 hours with a 4 year old and a 7 year old) a pipe in my garage seems to have burst.  Luckily a friend had stopped by and noticed and called me and I was able to direct them to turn off the water.
Between beginning January with the flu and ending it with unexpected vet and plumbing bills, I am glad we are moving on to a new month!

on a happier occasion, harassing swans

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ooh boy!! That is a lot of stuff going on!