Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snow Days - Crystal Kit

I moved this post, it was in the middle of my story about Kahn Sol (the dog) who is not well and so I'm rescheduling it for later:

MLyons received a Crystal Garden Kit for her birthday and this week seemed like a good time to get it out.

Everything is included in the kit but I didn't feel like the manufacturer gave my little scientist enough credit.  They called the solution "magic water."  I would like to say to them, the box says ages 10 and up.  10 year olds are ready for a scientific vocabulary.  Call it a solution.  Better yet, tell them what is in the solution, even if it is only table salt and water.  They want to know.  I don't think this was table salt.  We saw crystals beginning to form within hours.

I like that this sparked her interest.  I'm hoping that we can explore table salt crystals and sugar crystals too.


troutbirder said...

I really glad to see a young girl interested in science. There were all kinds of issues and proposed solutions in our school district on the point of how to encourage girls to become interested in science...
btw Lily is adapting real well to her new home. I'm so looking forward to getting her out and about when this awful weather finally end...:)

JJ said...

I agree with troutbirder. Our schools should be as creative in the field of science.