Saturday, February 8, 2014

The dogs are home

Thursday Thalia went in for her spay.  I am thought about not spaying her and had a few discussions with Jen at Pet Village about letting them use her once or twice in their program (I wanted a male puppy and the learning experience.) but when it came time to apply for Thalia's competition book so we can trial for her BH I spoke to Jen's dad Ray and he was definitive "the dog is not for breeding." Well I"m not going to sneak out on my own and try to breed her, I've not interest in adding to the population of animals in shelters.  Her spay went fine and she is feeling better than I anticipated and a little bored.

Friday we made arrangements to pick up Kahn Sol from VRCC. That's been such an emotional roller coaster! Oh but he looks so much better than he did last Saturday when I drove him up there. SO much better.  Dr. Clare and Amy were so amazing and they both seemed to sincerely like my dog and care about him and don't we all want that for our pets?  Dr. Gibson our regular vet was in contact with them every day and then she'd call me and check in on me and see if I had any questions even though I'd spoken to Dr. Clare already.  They really did their best to take care of me too.  And I'm so grateful.

Kahn Sol is most likely going to be on specialty food for the rest of his life and has a whole medicine cabinet of drugs for the next week but he is acting like himself and I am so, so happy to have him home.

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