Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yay Megan!

image from the NBC Olympics site

Last night Megan McJames skied the Giant Slalom in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi and I'm going bananas because I cannot figure out when I can watch it on T.V.  Every listing I find is talking about hockey. I don't want to watch hockey! I want to watch women's skiing!

I have already checked the results and so I already know the medalists (go Maze! and Fenninger! and I have to go check out Rebensburg from Germany as she is a competitor I haven't seen before) and I already know that Schiffrin placed 5th and Mancuso skied out and McJames finished both runs and placed 30th right behind Stiegler.  But I still want to see it.

I'm completely stoked for McJames.  She has worked so hard both on skis and off to stay in this game and find funding and support.  And she has managed to keep her comments positive which I think is so huge because it is completely human nature to let things get personal and show some frustration and she hasn't.  She really came through without saying anything negative.

And I just love that she did it. As a mom I say to my kids "you can be anything you want to be" with the implied "you just have to knuckle down and make it happen." And I've also taught my kids not to let other people tell them "no" to their dreams. If it is your dream you don't let someone else take it away. And Megan McJames is the poster girl for that. She wanted to keep skiing. She wanted to keep skiing at this level. She felt that she had it left in her and she wanted it. And she went out and made it happen. She made it happen by winning the NorAm and she made it happen by finding support and she made it happen by getting the FIS standing to qualify for the Olympic Team. She found a way. And it was hard! And I have not right to be proud of her, I'm not her mom or anything but I am proud of her.  I am so stinking excited that she got to compete in the Olympics, her second time to the Olympics(!) and that her story has been noted.

Today her Facebook page has posted links to several articles:

Megan McJames in the New York Times click here
Megan McJames in Yahoo Sports click here
NBC Olympic Photos of the women competing click here (Megan is photo 20/35)

and if you'd like to check her out for yourself:

Megan McJames on Facebook
Megan McJames Wordpress Blog

my family got to meet her in December 2011.  And so of course I blogged about it:
Megan McJames Dec 4 2011

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troutbirder said...

Stoked indeed. Too me downhill looks so scary. So steep So fast. And wanted to tell you we did adopt a GSD....:)