Monday, March 10, 2014

Attitash NH

K spent the weekend in New Hampshire. The Wintergreen Ski Team participates in the Eastern High School Championships held this year at Attitash, NH. Saturday was Giant Slalom and she sent me the link to Live Timing.  Looks like they have results for 108 girls. K finished both runs (yay!) but placed way back. The first name I recognize from the Southern Alpine Race Association (which is Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina and I think that is all) ranked number 81.  We just don't get near as much time on snow and our courses are generally not as long.  Head up North and we can't compete.
Makes me want to spend the entire summer at Mount Hood. I really like Govy Camp, I just don't know how to afford it for 8 people for 2 months. If you know anybody with a rental that is willing to work out a monthly rate out there, please, let me know!!!

K posted this picture of Attitash Saturday morning

M thinks she wants to be a big time skier. We will have to move! And K will be so mad at us!

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