Sunday, March 30, 2014

Training in the Rain

it was *really wet!

All of the these photos are from Tidewater Schutzhund Club's Facebook page and were taken by Jose Antonio Mercado. Jose takes some incredibly pictures.

The thing about the German Shepherd is that it doesn't mind weather unless it is too hot. But even then if the dog is working or its drive is up you have to keep an eye on it because it will push through and over heat.

Yesterday was a miserable day of pouring down rain, and Thalia, and the two littles and I loaded up the truck and went to Schutzhund Training. I told Nader (our training director) that I *had to come. Wretched Weather is my MO. When I first started checking this group out I it seemed like I visited exclusively on days with ugly weather and the second or third time Nader said "oh right, your the girl that only comes when the weather is bad." I need muck boots though for tracking, I skipped tracking because I didn't want to ruin my runners. And better rain gear. And maybe, is it possible? good but cute rain gear?

Funny thing, the two shepherds at training yesterday and the Belgian Malinois (two of them also) did not seem bothered by the rain like I've already noted. The Rottweiler, the Doberman and Napo (I think he's a Presa Canario) were fine to work in the rain as long as they were standing. They didn't want to sit in it. They definitely didn't want to lie down. So they all hovered just above the ground. It was hilarious.

working "heel" is proving tricky. 

she's focused, doesn't even notice that puddle

then again, the puddles didn't bother her either

if you live in the area check out Tidewater Schutzhund Club
it is a great place to train your dog


Michelle said...

Looks like a good time was had by adults, dogs, and kids!

troutbirder said...

Now that's what I call dedication to overcome conditions. I took Lily for our first long hike today (in the rain also) She did fine. Less hardy, I carried my gentlemanly umbrella. :)

troutbirder said...

I'll ask my Lily if she'd like to try some. On second thought....:)