Monday, March 17, 2014

Wintergreen Portraits

me and Thalia, March 2014
photo credit, Kathleen Yates

We spent the weekend in Wintergreen as there isn't likely to be snow much longer. Slushy conditions Saturday made for fun runs on "Outer Limits" moguls (yes they are Virginia sized moguls, but you can still practice) and Sunday it was cooler and I put my slalom skis back on to work turns.  My left leg is always behind. K has me thinking about turning my ankles, rolling my ankles rather, trying to get me not to slide on the back of my skis as much and I can sort of do that on my right side but not so much my left. I seem to be kicking into my hip or something. So that is my challenge next season.

Saturday I took the dogs up to the overlook like I usually do in the mornings here and threw a stick for Thalia, she had it in her mouth so that the end was in her mouth and slammed into Kahn Sol with it. Put a hole in the back of her mouth, and a huge sliver.  So I took her down the hill to the Wintergreen Animal Clinic. They were wonderful. And they got the sliver out and everybody was just so matter of fact about it Thalia didn't get defensive or growl at anybody. (she always growls at our vet at home.)

See all that "ground" in the back of that photo? It is gone now. Probably really is that 10 inches of snow outside they were calling for.  We are going back out skiing in a minute. Rounding everybody up after I drink my coffee.

K stayed in all weekend and did homework to make up for missing two and a half days of school to compete in New Hampshire. So being good parents, Tim and I decided to play hookey today and enjoy the spring snow. It appears it didn't hit our hometown and she will be missing school today. If she didn't care I wouldn't care. But she does care so I am feeling that perhaps we should have gotten her home. Or I should have at least gotten her home and left my husband with the others...

Part of her homework was taking portraits for photography class.

some of my favorites:

photo credit Kathleen Yates

photo credit Kathleen Yates

photo credit Kathleen Yates

photo credit Kathleen Yates

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