Saturday, April 12, 2014

An afternoon trip to Monticello

Monticello, April 2014

the gardens at Monticello, April 2014

We visited Monticello on Thursday. They were hosting a function, so much of the house was off limits to tours because they were setting up for the function and there were large catering tents in the yard. But it was still a wonderful visit. I haven't been in probably 20 years and my children haven't been at all. I just took 3 of the kids. Dragon was off with his friend, and the two littles wouldn't have paid any attention and would have made it hard for others to pay attention so we left them with my husband who was working from home.

Interesting. When Jefferson chose that Mountain Top to build his home on all those years ago he chose it for the view. But there is no water source. (!) Think about that. Pre-plumbing, no water source. I wonder how much slave labor went into providing the house and grounds with water?

on the way home. She picked up the Smithsonian Edition of Jefferson's Bible.
It is something to think about, that Jefferson could read in 7 languages. I picked up Ellis' "The American Sphinx." I've wanted to read it for some time. Of course, I'm still making my way through the introduction and I've already realized I'm going to need to read Ellis' book on Adams too.

It was a quick decision to go visit the house and not well thought out. There is much to see and do and it really should be a day trip. They have a cafe (we taste tested the cakes and coffee. not too shabby) and there is a cemetery that is not part of the foundation but that is run by Jefferson's decedents and apparently still "active." They had 3 or 4 burials last year. And Jefferson is buried there.

Most importantly though, the kids want to return. They want to see the whole house, and the oldest wants to take the garden tour. And they all learned something and have fun too. 

the art of selfie, and duckface. but it proves that I too was there!

Footnote: I'm in a mommy group within my alumni group on Facebook and a woman who is an Auntie but I don't believe a mom brought to our attention that we never are in the photos. And then she brought a blog post to our attention about the messages this sends our kids regarding their "invisible mothers" and especially the messages it sends our daughters. So above is my attempt to be in the photos and still be fun and not worried about how I look.


Michelle said...

Nice to see you in the photos! As moms we are always the ones taking the photos. Monticello is one of my very favorite places to visit.

JJ said...

TJ certainly got a view. The photos are magnificent!

troutbirder said...

I love Jeffersons "little mountain." We did the grand tour about ten years ago. I like to read that bible sometime. I know it unique.