Friday, May 16, 2014

Looking for good

I have been working through some life lessons lately. They seem to center around the theme of "perspective" and "choice" and what you see. Do you look for good? Do you look for flaws? Some people simply see what they love in everything. Some people focus on what could be better. Some people are happy with what they have and some people want more. Some people see good in others and some people are more inclined to see flaws. And it is pretty much up to each of us to choose what we see.

This has been tying in to Christianity for me (a topic I tend to avoid when blogging but today I make an exception.) Some people are focused on "rooting out evil." Right? They look for it. They look for what is wrong in their own life and more often in someone else's life. And try to fix it. Or "helpfully" point it out so the other person can fix it, or whatever.

Others focus on God is Love and God is Good and so they focus on seeking good and seeing God in the good.

For whatever reason the call to seek good and let God worry about rooting out evil was something of an "aha" moment for me.

Habits can be hard to change. So in the meantime I'm counting on grace to get me there and to protect everybody else from my good intentions.

This ties into parenting for me too. I keep reminding myself it isn't my job to mold them. It is my job to love them as they are because they are "perfectly made." And leave the rest up to God. This gets sticky for me when they are little cretins because of course they are. But again, habits are there and I'm working on being aware of my intent.

K of course is going to have to just soldier on because she's 16 already and by the time I have this down she'll be a grandmother. But there is some hope that I'll be softer with the younger ones.

little eggs seen in Windsor Virginia last week.


Michelle said...

The older I get the more I focus on the positive. Focusing on negative is just to overwhelming anymore.

troutbirder said...

Its the same with the jar. Half full or half empty. I go with half full. And try to accept that...:)