Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mount Holyoke, 1994, Pegasus Class, Girl Power

I 'borrowed' this off FB

I took two of my girls to Mount Holyoke College over the weekend for my 20th reunion. It is the first reunion I attended. I didn't go back earlier for many reasons, but the biggest is that I am not living up to who my Alma Mater expects me to be.

Mount Holyoke Women ROAR and they change the world.

or at least their little corner of the world!

But reunion was a great time. And my 16 year old was introduced to so many women doing so many interesting things and she really enjoyed campus. Prior to attending reunion she would smile at me and say things like "I don't really think I want to go to a school of all women." "I like the camaraderie of the guys on the cross country team." "I don't get along with girls. Girls are mean." When we left she said things like "that is some serious girl power." "I like the idea of studying many things in addition to what your focus is." "a lot of your classmates went to graduate school." (yeah a LOT of my classmates did go to grad school, in a room of 100 or so women I think 90 of them raised their hand when the class president asked how many had additional degrees.)

And the campus is gorgeous. And the science department still rocks. So does the math department.

And possibly my favorite moment of the entire weekend was Sunday morning. We went for a run around upper lake, it is about a mile. K needed to get in a run anyway (she ran it three times and did some sprints too) I wanted to run because that was what I did as a student, I ran around the lake regularly. And M was being a very good sport and ran it too.  So there we were, the three of us together, running side by side around upper lake and talking about I don't remember what. So freaking cool.

checking the old stomping grounds in the Art Dept

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troutbirder said...

Neat! Our son sent his mom a giant poster with the words "girl power" on it for Mothers Day. I'm still sorting that all out....:)