Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Afternoon at the Grand Canyon

We spent Tuesday afternoon in the Grand Canyon. My kids had not visited before.

The "bus" overheated as we drove into the park. Right there at the gate. So we pulled off at our first opportunity which happened to be an "authorized vehicles only" spot. But come on, scary red lights in the car. Opened the doors and windows and got the dogs out a few minutes. Tried to call the kennel, it was 11:45 and they hold day reservations until noon. No cell service. A ranger came out of whatever building that was and let me know that I was in an area designated for government vehicles only. I said I understood but my vehicle over heated. She said there was a place I could pull over up the road and should a law enforcement officer come by I might get ticketed. I said I understood the risk and I'd move the car once it cooled off. Seriously? Thanks for your concern. 

It took us 20 minutes from the entrance gate to the part of the park the dog kennel is in. Aswe were arriving in the afternoon and the dog kennel closes at 5 PM, we had only a small window of time and after the over heated car the driving around looking for the kennel made me anxious! 

But we found the kennel, checked the dogs in, parked near a cafeteria and went in for lunch. (for the record, there are a few areas in the park in which dogs are allowed, but I decided for my sanity's sake it would be easier to just kennel them.)

Lunch made things much, much better. Due to having the two younger ones with us I decided to stick to the rim trail. And I discovered Tiger has a heights thing -I didn't know that. But you can see plenty of amazing views from the rim. I want to come back and stay for a few days and hike in. Maybe visit the north rim, maybe find a waterfall I've heard about with pools of aqua water. But the 4 hours we got to spend there were pretty neat. I'm sad my husband didn't get to join us, I am surprised he has never been. I'm anxious to see the photos K took with the good camera.

Things to remember: entering the National Park there is a $25 fee per car. But it is good for 7 days. Also, bring a water bottle, there are water refill stations in many places throughout the Village so you can fill up for free.

 updated from the hotel on Wednesday, photos from my camera:

my car getting fussy about the incline, the heat, and sitting in line.
me too big bus, me too.

a grand trio along the Rim Trail.

If you haven't been, the Rim Trail is paved, wide, and pretty easy to do with children. There are areas where I would freak out if my child were the type to wish to walk along the edge (none of mine are) but for the most part it is kid friendly. 

one of many spectacular views along the Rim Trail

and about then my phone ran out of battery. So the rest of my photos are on K's phone. so... there will be a second update, later.

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Michelle said...

It is a really beautiful place. Been twice and still need to go back and see more!