Sunday, June 29, 2014

Guest Post by MLyons

On the Grand Canyon:

"We're going to the grand canon! I'm very excited. We stopped at a little store and I got post cards. One has a big mountainish thing being struck by lightening, one is pink with flowering trees (probably animated) and one is two mountains. 

river (also probably animated) We got back in the car and kept driving. Arizona is a very desert like long flat lands with bushes everywhere there aren't many trees here. Mom says we're almost to the grand canyon! Well there is a sign so we're there!

 The grand canyon is an amazing sight. You can see for miles! When you throw a rock down the canyon you can't hear anything, but sometimes you do and its slight and you have to wait a few minutes! You won't want to fall off

The canyon! You would be falling for a minute and then... BOOM! Your dead. That's gotta hurt! They give you tours on a bus or a helicopter. There is a little trail that is on the top of the grand canyon that has little rocks that have signs next to them. Some are really old."

MLyons is 9. She has completed the 3rd grade. She took these notes on her own and gave me permission to share them.

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