Monday, June 30, 2014

Guest Post: Tiger

My Notes June 26th

day one, Virginia -Tennessee; the landscaping is quite similar to home in Williamsburg and not much happened but i did get to see the college of Virginia Tech which was fascinating in both architecture and in the college activities and history.

day two, Tennessee - Arkansas; not much happened 

day three, Arkansas-Texas; the landscape is flat and open with fewer large trees and a lot more farmland. we arrived at our cousin's house in Texas around 1 in the afternoon and i enjoyed a long afternoon playing soccer and other games with my cousins.

day four, cousin's house; after a nice breakfast of pancakes we went outside to play tag and soccer etc. and then we went to visit my uncle's office. He controls the entire wizards squadron that is in charge of training fighter pilots, and the weather guys and the people in the rapcon where they control the radar and all the planes in the area. although my uncle is in charge of the whole thing  (he was interrupted here. so he'll pick up for me again soon!)   


JJ said...

What a fabulous trip! That's how I began my travel life - with road trips with the kids.

troutbirder said...

What fun. The air base from the inside that is...:)