Friday, June 20, 2014

Made it to Texas

We arrived in Texas yesterday. (I am pecking on an iPad at my brother's right now and watching Italy (boo) vs Costa Rica (go Navas)
So I've got the dogs at a kennel I found online. I got a little nervous when I called from the road and received a message : the kennel is closed due to an emergency, reservations will be honored. But I called the number any way. Nobody insisted that I kennel the dogs, but showing up at my brother's with 2 large dogs and all these kids just seemed like too much. Anyway, I got to the kennel and two young men were waiting on my dogs. They cracked me up. My arrival interrupted their conversation about a black truck that they seemed to be considering for purchase. But, they were good with the dogs, my shepherd did not get defensive when they approached her which is big, she gets defensive a lot. Her tail did go down a bit when they took her into the dog run, all the other dogs (and there were a lot) we're barking excitedly, but she is with her big brother so it should be okay.

Along the way we stayed in Red Roof Inns, one in Knoxville and one in North Little Rock. They are pet friendly. I haven't stayed at a Red Roof Inn but was pleasantly surprised, very clean and comfortable.

In Knoxville TN, on Wednesday morning, we visited my high school friend, Beka, and her little daughter Ava Grace. We came by for coffee and we brought in some bagels, and then Beka offered to make the kids eggs. She received a very enthusiastic response so she made them eggs with cheese, and then pulled out the chocolate almond milk and then the yogurt. My children's enthusiasm at this wonderful breakfast was fun to watch and Beka clearly enjoyed it.

I was trying to explain to my oldest my connection with my friend. We were friends in high school but we are very different people. I am pretty conservative, though I've moved closer to center over the years. My friend is much more liberal. But we've always been able to repect our differences, have actual conversations about points of few, and we are both very real. People have been telling me I'm "real" sine 8th grade. Not everybody appreciates this about me. And Beka is real too. I'm grateful for our friendship.

On Tuesday we set out around 7:30 AM, little later than I'd hoped. We missed the 11:30 tour at VA Tech, but K and Tiger listened to the info session at 1:30 and took a 2:something tour. We left around 4:30. While those two learned about the school the other 4 kids and I and the dogs hung out. There is ample grass & shade providing trees near the visitor's center. We had a picnic lunch, played tag, Thalia and I practiced the fus pattern for her BH. All good stuff. There are pictures on my phone, and K has been using the big camera from the car. Hopefully I'll add some pictures to all this rambling.

Random notes: the Oklahoma Welcome center on I40 rocks. Tons of info. Clean bathrooms. Water pump and large pet area and... Free coffee. There are lots of info signs along I40, see such and such town and a list of sights. I would love to road trip around OK someday.
Arkansas is really pretty right now.
Oh and K found me a fabulous coffee shop via FourSquare.

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