Monday, June 16, 2014

Mt. Hood, Ski Equipment, Demos, etc

As anyone who has been in a large family will agree, there are pros and cons to hand me downs. And then there comes the day when the younger child is actually larger than the older child and the order of hand me downs can become a bit muddled.

My 3rd child is something of a giant. And he has large feet. We have a summer trip to Mt. Hood planned and so my husband had the children trying on ski boots one weekend in May. The third child's feet have grown again.  Luckily my husband thinks he has a pair of boots that might work. And then the husband asked the oldest to try on the third child's old boots.

excuse me?

She answered that her boots from this season are fine. Just humor me he said. He's is trying to feel how much room there is around her heel/ankle.

sizing boots: head boots and lange

A couple things to notice: the white Head boots are her current (all time favorite) boots. Notice that she's got Cat Tracks on her boots. She's completely OCD about them. Notice that her boots just look "tighter" she's obsessive about buckling them back up immediately after she takes them off her feet.

Pointing out that the bottoms of her boots are in excellent condition. The entire boot is in excellent condition.

her brother's boot, not so much.

Her dad insists you can purchase bottom pieces for $20.00 and replace them.I know nothing about this. She continues to point out; her brother's feet are wider than hers (and stinkier) and so the fit will not be right. And finally but Dad I love my Head boots. Hard. At least Lange is also an excellent boot. And she really isn't being a brat, she really does love her boots and is trying desperately to argue to stay in them even though space might be a bit cramped.

At Mt. Hood there will be reps from all the different vendors and we will have the opportunity to check out all the latest equipment and demo some of it. Perhaps she'll be lucky and there will be a perfect fit, at a perfect price, waiting for her.

If not, welcome to the reality of siblings and expensive sports.

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