Thursday, July 3, 2014

And to Mt Hood

and so after a full day touring through California from the car, we made a last minute hotel reservation for an overnight at the Fairbridge Inn in Roseburg, I wouldn't recommend it, and pressed on in the morning. As we couldn't check into our condo until 4 we stopped for groceries and went up to the Lodge to purchase our passes. I am not sure if the whole area is called Timberline or if Timberline refers specifically to the lodge. At some point in my life I'd like to stay at that lodge, it is beautiful.

one of the tricky things about the Sprinter is that if we leave the dogs in it while it is off, say to grab lunch or something, the alarm detects their movement and the car alarm goes off. So even though we are in the mountains and it is cool, there is no leaving the dogs in the car. This worked out well, I am not one for leaving dogs in cars anyway, and Tim is a little more relaxed, but since the car didn't allow it, well it wasn't an issue. Here Thalia is practicing a long down at the entrance of Costco. Carts, kids, and people going in all directions and she has to stay in down. As her ears suggest, this is stressful. But I am sitting right there with her and she needs to learn to down in public, regardless of other activity.

almost there!
feelin' like you are on top of the world!

they are happy to be out of the car. I am happy they could come on this long trip


troutbirder said...

Ouch not good. I'm allergic to any drugs containing sulfa. Not good either. Timberline is the famous lodge which set the standard for National Parks in the thirties. The view from the restaurant is tremendous. Unfortunately when Mrs. T. sat down to eat and looked out she got a panic attack and we had to leave. Disappointing all the way around....

Michelle said...

You are brave to bring along the dogs! Great shot of the mountain!