Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hidden Lake

We have taken a few hikes in between ski camps.

I saw the trail head for "hidden lake" one day when we were headed to Little Zig Zag falls (not really a hike, a lovely little walk along a beautiful bit of small falls.) and so one day we headed over to try the hidden lake trail. You take 26, to the Kiwanis Camp turn off (road 39) and you'll see it on the right.

I don't know why I love these signs.
Mt. Hood Wilderness, Mt. Hood National Forest
I think this trail is rated as moderately strenuous. The beginning is not bad, zig zags up but shaded and pleasant. We crossed the water, found the hidden lake, and kept going. Then it got a bit steep.


It is an interesting trail because the vegetation changes so much. And because you really are quite high. Near the lake we are pretty sure we saw a bear track in the mud, which was a first for us!

found the lake!
the mossy ground in the area around the lake was spongy, like one of those special floors for gymnasts. I was a little worried about what was underneath it as it gave to the weight of ones footsteps.

the water crossing areas were a bit tough on the younger ones. Their legs aren't long enough to reach from one "safe" spot to the next. We got them across okay, but coming back I had picked up Little Hawk to pass him to my oldest on the other bank and I misstepped. I fell into the stream and so did he. He was surprised and shaken up a bit, the water is very cold, but he was alright. I split my shin which wasn't very comfortable but it was a minor thing. Something to think about if one is out on their own with smaller sized people.


troutbirder said...

A great family adventure in spite of the mishap. These will be all fond memories for the future...:)

Rebecca said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry about your fall! You'll have a shared story to recall though!