Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Huckleberry Season

It is Huckleberry Season in Govy. The kids have been picking the berries almost since we've arrived but it seems like in the last week the bushes have really peaked and there are ripe Huckleberries everywhere you go. Berry picking has become one of our main activities.  And we've been baking with them. I made a blueberry/huckleberry pie, a huckleberry pie, banana huckleberry muffins, and yesterday plain huckleberry muffins.

Funny, the dogs like huckleberries. One of the kids put their little plastic container of berries down while picking and Thalia stuck her nose in and took a mouthful. Kahn Sol literally begs the entire time we are picking until he gets fed up with begging and tried to pull them off the bush himself. This is a lot of work for him, working only with his mouth, and is amusing to watch. I have discouraged the kids from giving the dogs too many berries, I am not up for any misadventures with canine digestion, but the berries they've had don't seem to bother the dogs one bit.

KahnSol picking berries 

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