Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lake Pictures

The team spends their mornings training in the gates on the snow, that is the whole point of the trip, but in the afternoons there are a variety of activities. On Thursday we loaded everybody up in the vans and went out on the lake for a picnic. The team rented a canoe, some kayaks, some paddle boards, one dad brought out a net and some rackets and they set it all up and everybody hangs out for several hours. Dragon brought out his fishing pole just for this occasion. One of the dads is a fly fisherman and he and Dragon fished together a bit last year. This year that dad reminded Dragon how to cast and Dragon spent nearly the entire afternoon casting and teaching one of his buddies how to cast. The same dad loves to take pictures and shares them via SmugMug as Purple Sage.

He is very generous, they are available for purchase at print price, I have bought some in the past. The print quality is exceptional. He also allows us to share them, so here are a few:

battle on the water!

my fisherman!
all of the above photos are copyrighted by PurpleSage and shared with permission. Please do not use them without express permission from the photographer.

We are here with Wintergreen's Alpine Ski Team, the Freestyle Team is also here with Coach Danny. We've been involved with Wintergreen's team for 5 years now and we highly recommend the experience. We have a lot of fun and the kids learn a lot about skiing and ski racing.

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