Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mt Hood, Week One

So, kinda crazy:
One of Dragon's many crosses to bear is eczema. While we were in Texas it really flared, raised, red, rashy, itchy... not good. So we bought some lotions and some creams and he tried to manage it and he took benadryl as well in case it was a reaction to something in the environment there. Interestingly it started to calm down almost as soon as we left Texas but he'd done some serious damage with the scratching. He's done this before. When we were traveling in Korea he touched everything, hand rails in the subway kind of everything, and then he would scratch at himself without washing. By the time we left Korea he had a nasty skin infection on his face. But I had some ointment left over from a previous incident when he had given himself Impetigo. And now he's done it again. But now he is 12 years old and I would like to see a little progress in the real of self control and self hygieneh. One, don't scratch but if you must scratch (I have my own skin battles, I do understand that sometimes you must scratch) scratch with clean hands! And for the love of God, be self aware, don't touch everything. So we have discovered the Urgent Care in Gresham and now Dragon is on Sulfur based drugs and bactroban. He is also not allowed in the pool (I wasn't letting him go anyway because I was pretty suspicious regarding the nature of his scratches based on our past experiences. Last time he had impetigo he managed to infect his sister, she'd just had her ears pierced and the impetigo jumped to her earring area. Not fun.)

We have friends who were here for ski camp "Ligety-Weibrecht Ski Camp"  and our kids met up with them at the Huckleberry (favorite spot here in Govy. I haven't had one but everyone raves over the milkshakes.) And then one afternoon the campers were headed off to play soccer and they got permission to invite my kids to go along. So... my boys were on the pitch playing soccer with Andrew Weibrecht (he took silver in the downhill at Sochi.) Kinda cool.

The kids and Tim have bumped into Megan McJames, she's a two time Olympian and I've written about her before. We are hoping to have her over for dinner before she leaves the mountain next week. I am guessing she's off to start her own summer training. Last summer I think she was in New Zealand. 

Reliable Racing has POC Helmets (Tim call's them the skull crusher. I don't know the official style name.) for a ridiculously low price. So we are excited to be picking up some helmets. K's helmet has gotten too small, her favorite bubble gum pink helmet. But Reliable Racing had a white one and an orange one. She came home with the white one, it seemed to me that she was resigned to white, and I said something about a ping-pong head and she turned around and walked back to the store to exchange it for an orange one. I am sorry to have made her exchange it, I wasn't trying to tease. It seems that she was more bummed not to be able to pick up another pink one. But the ones in stock are about $180 and Tim paid over $300 for that pink one. So if you are in the market for POC Helmets, and you are close to Mt Hood, we suggest you check out Reliable Racing's instore stock. Excellent pricing.

The old lab got into the trash the other day and is now having digestive issues. I'm trying to decide if it will right itself or if he needs medical attention. And the GSD went for a run with K and Tiger about two miles up a mountain, and then played soccer in the street for an hour and now she's limping. I am hoping she's just stiff and didn't give herself any thing more serious. She seems to be favoring her foot, I can't see anything on the paw.

My husband has been working late and getting up early and fighting hard to get everything lined up so he can be on the hill skiing for camp. Wintergreen's camp started Thursday, July 2nd this year. Wednesday everybody from our team arrived, there was a team meeting and then I'm assuming he went and hung out with the coaches and other dads (few moms show up on this trip.) And he didn't make it home till midnight. Must've had a good time!

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