Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our Intro to Bomber Skis

Ever heard of Bomber ? Until recently I hadn't.

One of the things that happens up at Mount Hood in the summer is the opportunity to demo a variety of skis. (I am assuming snow boards are well represented as well.) Head is here, Volkl is here, Fischer, Atomic... to name a few. And Marker too.

Anyway, M has been gunning to demo Head skis. 4th of July got in the way, the Head reps closed up shop for the 4th and stayed closed over the weekend. Good for them. But not so good for M, so she tried Bomber's GS skis. Oh wow. HEAVY! M doesn't have GS skis. Until now she's only skied on Slalom Skis (which in our case are Volkls). When her dad took her up to run GS on July 4th and he didn't think she'd be able to turn the Bombers so her brought her SL skis up too. Just in case. Maybe it was her dad's lack of faith, but M absolutely loved the Bombers. At the end of the day she stuck a Bomber sticker on the back of our van. The next day I returned the demo skis while the gang were out river rafting. I spoke to the rep a little bit and mentioned that, M slapping the sticker onto the van. He asked what we were driving and I told him "a ridiculous big white sprinter." He asked if it had Romney/Ryan stickers on it. It does. He told me he saw it and had tried to get a photo for his boss. I told him I'd text him one. I sent him this one:

Bomber sticker on the van
A little bit about Bomber Skis from their web site:

All BOMBER skis are handcrafted in a small race lab in Italy. The skis are built by a master craftsman. He has over 32 years of ski building experience. BOMBER has created a skiing sensation unmatched in the industry.

BOMBER B-1 is a complete line of world cup quality race skis which include SL, GS, Super-G and DH designs. The B-1 race skis are best described as "the real deal." The B-1 provides super power, speed, responsiveness, and stability.

These are like 'couture' I mean, they are made by a master craftsman? How many things do you own made by a master craftsman? The sales rep says the guy, the one master craftsman creating these skis, makes 15 a day. I can't imagine. I want to go visit the workshop!

And get this:

so if you are in the Mount Hood vicinity and you've never tried Bomber; you might need to check them out. Want to know more? Hit up their FB page:

I've had 3 kids try them. M, the 9 year old above who very definitely loves them and very definitely wants a pair of Bomber GS skis. And K and Tiger. I'll be looking for them to give me their feedback as well. K and Tiger traditionally ski Volkl skis for Slalom & GS although I think right now K is on Head skis. K is a Head fan (there is a previous post of her with her Head boots not very excited about her dad's suggestion that she use her brother's boots. "these (Head boots) only pinch a little dad, it is a competition fit. They are fine."So I am interested to get an opinion from her about the Bombers.

and, our friend PurpleSage at SmugMug got some shots of K running GS on the Bombers:

@Purplesage Photography, used with permission
@Purplesage Photography, used with permission

In the meantime, here is M, in her own words pitching for Bomber. She really wants those skis.

Post by Cailin Yates.

last time I posted an embedded video from FB I couldn't tell in edit mode if it worked, and it did, so I'm going on faith that this shows up. If not, maybe you can follow the link: M loves Bomber Skis

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