Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Painting, with kids & dogs

I finally went out and bought some acrylic paint, some brushes and some paper.
I don't love acrylics, but they are the "fastest" and that makes them easiest to work with right now.
And so I've painted three different pieces, keeping the focus just on 'doing' it - and trying not to expect too much or to be too critical.
And it has been nice to paint again.
The other day I took the two littles and the dogs and we found a spot along the "crosstown trail" I think it is called. Just a mostly flat trail from one side of Govy to the other.
There was a pretty waterfall and I wanted to paint there. As it is close to town and easy there is a moderate amount of traffic.

I parked myself on the little bridge in front of this little bit of water, the kids were told to play where they could see me and the dogs milled about. That worked for a while, but there is traffic. With my focus on painting and the noise from the water I didn't hear approaching people or dogs in time and Thalia would bark and run with Khan Sol right in there with her.

So I pulled out leashes and had tied them up next to me and told them to down.

Thalia, my German Shepherd, played the role of the troll  from "The Billy Goats Gruff." And while it is a wide enough bridge she barked every time any one came near. Twice she sat on my painting. In the fuss I lost a paint brush (I just bought them!) over the bridge and down the little stream.  The bridges are build so that the middle part is solid and the sides are slated. We were on the slats. Kahn Sol would stand up to bark and his feet would slip through slats and he'd get all excited. I was sure I'd loose paint tube through a slat but didn't. Once Kahn Sol  got so wound up about these bridge intruders he fell off the bridge (on leash) and I had to haul him back up by his collar.  t feel clips of this expedition should have been on video.

started sketching in bits and pieces and the dog sat on it!

We will seek less populated spots for further paintings.

it is a lovely little spot

there it is:
with a story behind it!