Monday, July 14, 2014

Pfriem Family Brewers, Hood River

For reasons I don't understand the MacBook Air and the Collins Lake WiFi aren't speaking to each other. My last few posts were managed via the husband's computer. Alas this morning I dropped him off at the Portland Airport to head back East- to work and to family obligations there. I miss him already and I miss access to his computer!
So- I'm trying to do this from my phone!

Last night we drove to Hood River. This confuses me because when we got there Tim said the river separating Oregon and Washington wasn't the Hood River it was the Columbia River. Ummm, so why is the town called Hood River? Don't know.

We tried to find a place called Turtle Island, said to have good vegan/vegetarian food. Wasn't where four square said it was. So we looked at some other places and decide to try Pfriem Family Brewers.
And now we are big fans:

We had the Moroccan Stew and the Veggie Burger. Both were awesome. The veggie burger tastes house made and is hands down the best I've ever had. The Morrocan Stew came in a ceramic dish, piping hot, with a very interesting taste and texture. Also very good. Prior to dinner we tried their pickle plate: pickled beans, maybe pickled fennel? and pickles. Thumbs up. We also had an order of olives, very nice! and house made french fries.

The vibe is casual, people come in off the river to eat, and family friendly, there is even a kids play corner for wiggle preschoolers.
And of course beer.

Tim and the girls

me and the boys

Tim has a friend who wants to open a brew pub in Williamsburg. So I took some extra shots of the inside of Pfriem Family Brewers because it does look and feel like a great pub.

they are just phone snap shots, nothing fancy, but you get the feeling. An interesting mix of industrial, with the pipes showing, the vats for the beer, but all the "reclaimed" looking wood keeps it feeling warm. Very well done interior.

so the bin needs to emptied, but that has to be the cutest little baby station I've ever seen

so family friendly!

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