Tuesday, July 8, 2014

River Rafting in Maupin Oregon

The ski team takes one day off from snow in the middle of the trip. It is a chance to do something else, but more importantly give the kids a break. Ski Racing is actually pretty hard on their legs and injuries tend to occur when they get too tired. Also, in Virginia we usually only get to ski on the weekends (unlike some of the larger teams where everybody lives close to the slopes and they have practice 4 to 6 times a week.) So after 3 or 4 days our kids are tired. Generally on the day off the team arranges for a river rafting trip. This year it was with Imperial Rafting Co. in Maupin, Oregon.

I am once again sharing photos from the Smug Mug album by Purple Sage. purplesage.smugmug.com/Ski-Racing/Ski-Race-Camps/2014-Mount-Hood-Race-Camp/2014-Mount-Hood-Day-5
I am sharing these with permission of the photographer. Please do not use these photos without his permission. Thank you.

possibly the best sequence of photos... ever! Imperial rafting not only had the rafting, which was obviously a blast, but they had a pretty picnic area and they put out some tables and provided a bbq dinner with salad and even veggie burgers for the veggie crowd. I stayed back with the littles, and we borrowed a car from one of the other families and joined everybody for dinner. Bitsy was complaining that it was hot (it was. like 100 degrees hot.) and one of the other dads asked if we'd brought her bathing suit. We hadn't but she was wearing athletic shorts under her dress and so I gave her permission to get into the water in her shorts. (this embarrassed Dragon and unfortunately he loudly made a big deal of it. She's 7. There isn't anything on her upper body that looks any different from a 7 year old boy. I wish her brother didn't need to act like that.) But once I sent Dragon up the bank, Bitsy relaxed and had fun in the water.

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Michelle said...

Looks awesome! I would have handled Bitsy's situation the same!