Saturday, July 12, 2014

The kids' thoughts on Volkl Slalom Demos

Yesterday I took the racers up to the glacier with Volkl Slalom Skis.

Their comments:
I asked 4 questions:
"rate how they turn"
"rate how you feel about the weight of the ski"
"do they feel fast"
"are they easy to control"
they could either answer or give me a number, 0= burn them; 10=I never want to try another ski

K is a U18 female about 5'5 maybe 100lbs, I am not sure on the weight.

regarding how they turn: K gave them a 7-8
weight "yeah, they are nice and light, 7-8"
feel fast? "well I was on slush today but I think they feel fast. I didn't feel pulled down the hill by them, they are light."
easy to control? Um, yeah.

K isn't into having me ask her for her comments and she isn't into demoing SL skis right now. She likes the ones she has, and she is focused on finding GS skis.

Tiger is a U14 male, like K he is a light weight. I think he tips the scale around 85 lbs.
He skied 145 Volkl Slalom skis
"rate how they turn" 9
"rate the weight" 10
"feel fast?" 10
"easy to control?" 10
me: Wow! You really like Volkl!
Tiger: I like THOSE skis. Last year I demoed SL skis and they didn't feel any different than what I already had. After trying these skis I never want to go back to my old skis. I really like these skis.

Dragon is a U14 male. Unlike his siblings he is a giant. He is about 5'7" and around 115lbs. The Volkl guys didn't have Jr skis in his size so he was on adult skis, he skied on 157s.
"rate how they turn" 8
"like the weight" ummm a 7
"feel fast" 7
"easy to control" 9
comments: overall I like these skis. I really like Volkl in general.

MLyons is a U10 female. I've no idea how big or small she is! She skied on 131s.
before I could ask she said "10!"
me: You love 'em?
Mlyons: Yup! Just like my Bombers (GS) these are perfect for my size, perfect for my weight, perfect for my speed, They go really fast if they are on good snow.

We ski in SARA, not as competitive a region as some of the other regions, the kids find the podium  regularly in our region.

P.S. Tiger got his Volkl skis.
Happy Kid, New Skis

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troutbirder said...

What a fun summer in Oregon. I especially would love the whitewater rafting...:) but downhill no thanks bad knees but I do like xcountry.