Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A time to Dance

que Tchaikovsky, it is Nutcracker Season!

The girls have been dancing since October to prepare for Nutcracker. Our studio, The Virginia Regional Ballet, has offered a Nutcracker Performance every Christmas Season for over 30 years. I love that that my girls have the opportunity to be part of this tradition and that our studio tries so hard to allow them to be little girls at the same time. We have been rehearsing since October but only one day a week for about two hours (and they aren't rehearsing for the entire 2 hours. While a commitment to me this does not seem like an excessive amount of rehearsal for a professional show.) This has allowed my younger daughter Bitsy (currently 8 years old) time to dance and time to watch the older girls. Last Sunday at rehearsal she was sitting with the girls on pointe and trying on their shoes. They are very sweet and just let her be their little mascot. Bitsy will dance in the role of a Little Ginger this year. She was a Ginger last year too. This is her second year performing in the Nutcracker.

Bitsy and the Little Gingers

Last Friday night the Little Gingers danced in a preview performance at the New Town Art Gallery.

MLyons (now 9 yrs old) danced as a Little Ginger for the last two years. This year she is in the party scene as a "Little Party Boy."

M in the blue hat at tech rehearsal

She is supposed to be a trouble maker but she is much too polite. I found myself laughing at that this evening at Tech Rehearsal. Her "party parents" as they are called keep encouraging her to pretend to be naughty but she really doesn't know how. Tomorrow MLyons and the cast from the first act will perform a matinee to be attend by local school children. We have a school show on Thursday and Friday morning as well and then two shows Saturday and a matinee on Sunday. The Little Gingers won't be in the school shows so they get a little break until Saturday. 

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troutbirder said...

How sweet. I have fond memories of my first grandson in a Christmas performance of the Drummer Boy...;)