Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A time to Dance

que Tchaikovsky, it is Nutcracker Season!

The girls have been dancing since October to prepare for Nutcracker. Our studio, The Virginia Regional Ballet, has offered a Nutcracker Performance every Christmas Season for over 30 years. I love that that my girls have the opportunity to be part of this tradition and that our studio tries so hard to allow them to be little girls at the same time. We have been rehearsing since October but only one day a week for about two hours (and they aren't rehearsing for the entire 2 hours. While a commitment to me this does not seem like an excessive amount of rehearsal for a professional show.) This has allowed my younger daughter Bitsy (currently 8 years old) time to dance and time to watch the older girls. Last Sunday at rehearsal she was sitting with the girls on pointe and trying on their shoes. They are very sweet and just let her be their little mascot. Bitsy will dance in the role of a Little Ginger this year. She was a Ginger last year too. This is her second year performing in the Nutcracker.

Bitsy and the Little Gingers

Last Friday night the Little Gingers danced in a preview performance at the New Town Art Gallery.

MLyons (now 9 yrs old) danced as a Little Ginger for the last two years. This year she is in the party scene as a "Little Party Boy."

M in the blue hat at tech rehearsal

She is supposed to be a trouble maker but she is much too polite. I found myself laughing at that this evening at Tech Rehearsal. Her "party parents" as they are called keep encouraging her to pretend to be naughty but she really doesn't know how. Tomorrow MLyons and the cast from the first act will perform a matinee to be attend by local school children. We have a school show on Thursday and Friday morning as well and then two shows Saturday and a matinee on Sunday. The Little Gingers won't be in the school shows so they get a little break until Saturday. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Back at Wintergreen, and there was Snow!

Now that we have a place in the mountains we find every excuse to head up there. Thanksgiving was no exception and to make it more fun, a good number of our ski buddies were there too. And then much to the relief of some northern states, the snow moved in our direction. Have you seen the pictures of Buffalo NY last month? Can you even imagine? Yikes! But we in the Blue Ridge Mountains were gifted almost a foot of snow. Yay for us! And it was so pretty.

blue ridge mountains, snow, thanksgiving, wintergreen resort, virginia
Devil's Knob Loop before the Snow Plow

our house, behind snow covered trees. love it!

Wintergreen Resort, Wintergreen Virginia, snow, Thanksgiving 2014, pretty snow
and one more pretty winter scene

the sun came out and so did the kids

burton jacket, spyder ski pants
this year she got on the ski lifts all by herself!

they named him Olaf

The ski slopes opened on Friday and Tim took all 6 of the kids out skiing. Bitsy was feeling vertically challenged last year and struggled a little with the ski lifts but this year she got on them all by herself, even Big Acorn (which is faster.) Little Hawk is going to be hard to keep up with soon, he loves to ski at only 5 years old. The Wintergreen Ski Team had practice on Saturday and the 5 oldest kids reported in. And so Ski Season begins. I got to ski on Saturday. On Friday my mother and I went consignment shopping in the area. I bought trivets, we needed some, and a lovely german shepherd dog shaped door stopper that I saw last spring and regretted not purchasing, offered by Envy Antiques. But it was still there patiently waiting and this time I didn't pass it up. They have a Bavarian Deer Sculpture that I've got my eye on, but it costs as much as skis and so I'm saving pennies with fingers crossed. We also discovered a wonderful bookshop and cafe in Waynesboro Virginia called Stone Soup. Good food, nice people, cozy setting, we will go again.

I haven't blogged in a bit, but Outdoor Wednesday continues so I'm linking up with them

Our (mostly) Vegan Thanksgiving

People often ask us what we eat for holidays especially for Thanksgiving; after all, for most households Thanksgiving revolves around a family meal that revolves around turkey. Prior to my husband announcing that he was vegan and he wanted the family to move in that direction as well, I always pretended the turkey was the main dish but pretty much lived for my mom's cranberry jello salad and french silk pie. As the pie has eggs in it, raw ones, that has gone by the way side with all this vegan eating but the jello remains! woo hoo. (back story, my McDonald's loving husband goes vegan cold turkey, no pun intended, here )

Okay, back to dinner.

Yes there is food, lots of it. We still make green bean casserole, just not with heavy cream and butter. (Wit and Vinegar has a good recipe here) My mom still makes her cranberry jello salad. There was red cabbage because my husband really likes it and corn and asparagus and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and stuffing and what my husband calls "vegetable strudel." Basically pan fried veggies rolled in fillo dough and baked up.

vegetable dinner, vegetable strudel, thanksgiving
Tim's Veggie Strudel

vegan thanksgiving
Our Vegan Thanksgiving, lots of color

vegan soup, butternut squash soup, thanksgiving
Butternut Squash Soup in Grandma's dishes
And pies, apple, pecan and pumpkin. I found a website called The Vegetarian Snob while looking for a pecan recipe. And I downloaded their Thanksgiving ebook and made "Homemade Bourbon Vegan Pecan Pie without Corn Syrup" wow. Delicious! I also made their Butternut Squash soup recipe, well they have more than one. I made "The Comforting Coconut and Butternut Squash Fall Soup" which everybody loved. Sometimes mom makes pie crust but this year we went with Immaculate Baking Pie Crust which does have whey (milk) and a whole lot of fat too, but was yummy!

apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, vegan pie, thanksgiving
Yay for Pie!
Yes we need more pie plates!