Monday, January 5, 2015

Holiday Pictures

Just a few...

my husband and his grandmother
she's a good looking bird for 94 yrs old!

the chaos of children and presents!
and then we threw everyone in the car and drove to the Mountains for Christmas. We were there Dec 22 to Jan 4th! The mountain house has really come along and I need to share some pictures, this batch is just Christmas-y but I'll get another batch to share soon. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate- warm and rainy. We wanted ski weather! But it was lovely anyway.

Our happy little tree; covered in the beaded ornaments the kids made last year and some ornaments picked up at various ski hills... and some race medals!

The stockings! My favorite decorations. The first ones to be put out in my home, packed up and redisplayed at the mountain house. Tim and the kids had wrapped the fir garland and lights the previous weekend. So festive! I loved it.

Despite being too warm and rainy, we had a Very Merry Christmas. We hope you did too.

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