Monday, January 5, 2015

Mulhare Interior Design

Mary Mulhare of Mulhare Interior Design is my mother. She is lucky to have a friend helping her with her website: Mulhare Interior Design and it looks great! but for whatever reason I cannot "pin" any of her photos to pinterest from her website. As I believe in the power of traffic and the power of pinterest, I downloaded some photos from her website to share here... so I can pin them. Sneaky, I know.

But she is too talented not to share.

Some rooms designed by my amazing mother:

kitchen design by Mary Mulhare, Mulhare Interior Design

I love this kitchen! I love the backsplash and that little division there for visual interest 
and the arch that frames the stove and incidentally the tea pot. 
Of course I love tea pots!
And that fabulous shelf above the stove...
and are those lighted cabinets? So cool.

study design by Mary Mulhare, Mulhare Interior Design
How rich is this room? 
So many layers of wonderful materials. 
And decked out for the Christmas too!

She has a Facebook page here:

with more photos of both the website and the Facebook page. Thanks for checking her work out.

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Michelle said...

She obviously has talent!