Sunday, February 22, 2015

The ski cabin & busted pipes. Again.

I am tapping on my phone-not my most efficient form of communication- so bear with me.

A few weeks ago Tim was at Bryce mountain for a race, and I brought the two littles (and the dogs of course) to Wintergreen for ski practice. Well, Bitsy for practice with the D team and Little Hawk to ski with me. When I arrived the place was quite frozen. Ice in the toilets sort of thing. And there was a burst pipe in the bathroom adjacent to my bedroom. A waterfall in the basement resulted and my husband drove over to fix it.

This weekend I arrived with four children and the dogs. My husband and the two older kids are racing at Sugar Mountain. Again the house was very cold. The outside temperature had been low all week and despite the small heaters we have, the water in the bathrooms was frozen again. So I warmed up the house and around 10:30 PM when the house was registering 60 degrees-I turned the water on.

At 12:15 AM I woke up to the noise of gushing water:
the fixture in the bath tub had broken. I took a photo to help diagnose later, went downstairs and flipped the water off, went back to bed.
broken bath fixture at 12:15 AM

In the morning it occurred to me that when Tim had fixed the pipes before he had put in a valve behind the tub. Rather pleased with myself I turned the valves off, stationed the ten year old by the tub in case it didn't work and turned the water on. My 12 yr old son shouted "Mom! Turn it off!" Apparently he'd heard a loud noise and then water was gushing in his closet- that closet is going to need to be redone this summer!

It snowed a lot on Saturday. We had breakfast and were cleaning up to go home and I was frustrated - I haven't skied in weeks. So I asked them could we please ski a few runs first.
windy, snow, storm, blue ridge, wintergreen resort, Virginia
crazy windy at Wintergreen!

We drove to the parking lot around noon. The wind was terrible. We took one run. Everyone was miserable. I thanked them for trying and loaded my car back up and headed back up the hill to our house to get the dogs, unload skis, lock up and leave.

I should point out, my minivan does not have snow tires.

We got stuck in front of the parking lot. And were pushed up the hill. We made it passed the resort and started to climb towards the founders outlook and lost traction several times. I was actually crying when we pulled into the founders outlook parking lot. I was certain we wouldn't make it all the way up to our house so I sat there in the parking lot a few minutes and decided to hike to the house and get the dogs. I left the kids in the car (still blowing snow like mad and they are in ski boots). I started walking and someone stopped and gave me a ride. Got to the house, turned everything off, leashed the dogs and hiked back to the car. When I arrived back at the car it was obvious that the roads were worse. So I got the children out and we hiked back up to the house.

winter scene, hiking, snow, wind, whiteout, wintergreen, blue ridge mountains, Virginia
tough cookies, they hiked a mile in crazy wind
wearing ski boots

We got the fire back up and roaring and filled several pots with snow to be melted on the stove -for cooking water -dog drinking water -and toilet water. Luckily we did have some bottled water we drank ourselves.

fetching snow to melt for water!
well, little man now knows that if you
melt snow, you get water!
Today the weather is much warmer and there is no precipitation-in about to hike back down to the car and start the process of trying to clean up and close up the house.

I find that I'm very grateful to live with running water most of the time. And grateful to own a car that works most of the time. And mostly, very grateful that my children took this entire experience with a sense of adventure. No fussing, no whining, and making the most of it. I am very lucky.

***later, I was thinking about it as I drove home. When I was about 10 yrs old and we were living in Spain my dad created the family "Adventurers Club." He had the idea that he'd make patches and everything. And we would keep track of different things; I don't remember really now. I think it was along the lines of how many countries we visited, or languages we learned or something.
He would have been proud of his grandkids this weekend. They were real troupers.

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Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! Glad to hear the kids took it all in stride. That can make all the difference. Stay safe!

troutbirder said...

What great kids thru it all....and mom too...;)

Light and Voices said...

What an adventure. What a difference in attitude. You and your children should be commended for being positive and taking right action to the busted pipes, the car stuck and melting snow for water. YEA! Troopers!