Monday, February 9, 2015

Wintergreen Weekend

the trail to my spot as gate judge from the Look Out to Big Acorn

Wintergreen, Virginia, Ski racing, SARA, Acorn,
B-netting at sunrise

Last weekend the Wintergreen Ski Team hosted races for SARA. Giant Slalom was on Saturday, Slalom was on Sunday. My family was all over it. Saturday morning my husband was out with the crew setting netting and gates and doing whatever else was needed to get things up and running. My oldest skis in the U18 group and they were running later, so she took the youngest to the Treehouse (Wintergreen's ski school) at 8:30 for drop off. We got Bitsy to D-Team practice at 7:45 and everybody else to the Lookout for registration and picking up their bibs. I was on duty as a shadow gate/keeper so I found my gate keeping buddy around 8:30 and by 9 AM we were racing.  Sunday followed a similar schedule, except that I was gate keeping for real for Slalom. I might have missed one of the Masters straddling a gate, it is hard to see, they move so fast and this is just rec. racing. How do they judge this in the big leagues? (and in case you ever need to know what gate keeping also called gate judging means the USSA has a very informative video ) Luckily I had fairly easy gates and didn't have to DQ anybody. Just  yelled, "you are good GO!" at two, and "back, back, back" for one of the last runs of the day -but he didn't have to hike far and he knew what to do.

It was all around a great weekend. Everyone raced well. Bitsy had fun at practice and then afterwards they dropped her off near the races and she found siblings and hung out. One of the long time race dads has a place right off of Eagle Swoop - just by where the races are. He opens it up for the team. Those who can bring pot luck lunch and dinner and drinks and so on and the all the kids just go in and out for lunch. Particularly nice as I had kids all over the hill - gave us a good meeting spot. At one point it felt a little like a summer swim meet - where the adults are all volunteering and the kids are kinda running around and nobody really knows exactly where their kid is at any given moment - but I've always had a non swimmer with me at swim meets so I found the ski race atmosphere way less stressful. No fear of drowning.

M on Saturday after racing
M had a great weekend, she medaled in the U10 in both GS and SL. She was very pleased with herself!
megan mcjames, independent ski racing, team usa sweater
waiting to head out to the races, shout out to Megan

wintergreen resort, wintergreen ski race, ski team, racing, SARA
Wintergreen Race Team inspecting the course on Sunday

SARA, racing, wintergreen, ski, virginia
Bryce Race Team inspecting the course on Sunday

Snowshoe, race team, SARA, Wintergreen Resort, Virginia, ski,
Snowshoe Race Team members inspecting the SL course

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