Monday, April 13, 2015

A sweet summer dress for M

Ah, pretty lavender check dress! How sweet! And Mlyons loves it, says it is so comfortable! I haven't sewn in a while and this little pattern, that ought to be straight forward and take less than two hours, gave me a run for my money.

This bit here:

 that illustration 13, they are sort of lifting it up and I just couldn't figure out what it meant.

the pattern tries to tell the sewer that although you've turned the lining and bodice right side out, that you are going to sew front of bodice to back of bodice by turning that section inside out again. I had to sew and rip stitches 4 times to get that. 4 times! Following written directions is not my strong suit to begin with, and I was sewing late on Friday night, but still... 4 times.

She is pleased with it though. So of course it is worth it.

summer dress, lavender, check, seersucker, handmade, dress, children's clothes

kathleen, summer dress, seersucker, whigs & tories, children's clothes, williamsburg

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Michelle said...

Well done! She looks beautiful!