Friday, July 10, 2015

Been a week!
Monday I received a message from my husband's sister that she was in town, but only until Thursday and she was hoping to see my kids. Mondays are swim meet nights and the kids were scattered so we picked Tuesday. I invited her and her parents over for dinner. As my husband is vegan and his family is not I spent some time figuring out a nice summer menu that everyone could enjoy.

I found this recipe: Easy Vegan Pasta Salad by the Vegetarian Snob
and added roasted veggies with white beans as a secondary dish.
We also had the Crowd Pleasing Vegan Caesar Salad from Oh She Glows (minus cashews, my son is allergic to them)
Harris Teeter was running a fund raiser for veterans that involved pies. So we topped off with a blueberry & a peach pie from the Harris Teeter Bakery. This reminds me there may be some in the fridge, I think I'll have some with tea in a bit.

Wednesday I reported to Sentara Hospital for surgery. I had surgery on my left shoulder. It hasn't been right since the car accident in March and Dr. Lambert felt that if he corrected the shoulder then the pain I have had that includes my left arm, my shoulder and my neck would also be corrected. I hope so. I was home before noon and on lots of medication. In between sleeping I watched "American Sniper."

Yesterday I spent mostly asleep, though I did send out a call for books and my neighbors have brought me a library. I'm currently reading "Lowlands" by Jhumpa Lahiri.

I'm a bit stir crazy as not being able to use my left arm is more limiting than I expected. I can't cut because I can't use my left arm to hold things steady. I cant even get the pharmacy bottles open because I can't push with my arm, though I've figured out how to leverage the table.

I do wish I could sew, or that I had some thick wool blend for crotchet or something to keep my hands busy. I suppose I could sketch a bit... maybe I'll go do that

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