Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bitsy's cookies

Mlyons wanted to make cookies.
I purchased butter, eggs, and a Divine chocolate bar for her to smash up into pieces because I can't find a chocolate morsels supplier that is without a doubt not sourcing from questionable sources. (chocolate, apparently involves child labor, often: slave child labor. as in kidnapped. or sold. and smuggled across boarders. I just can't unlearn that.)

Mlyons had some friends over, and then she got 1/2 way through the cookie dough recipe, and then went to a friends to sleep over.

Dry ingredients mixed in one bowl, butter and sugar mixed in another - and boom - she is out the door. I have to take a son to soccer. Stay and talk a few minutes. Left Bitsy (8 years old) and Little Hawk (5 years old) home with Dragon (13 years old.) Arrive home, decide to finish the cookies so I can get it all off the counter. Taste. hmmm. taste salt...

Little Hawk enters the kitchen with Bitsy on his heels. "Um guys how much cookie dough did you taste?"

Bitsy: one
me: one what?
Bitsy: spoonful
me: no, it tastes like you took more than a spoonful
Little Hawk very helpful: oh, that is because she put in salt.
me: what?
Bitsy staring at me
me: Bitsy?
Bitsy staring
me: Bitsy this isn't funny. What did you put in?
Bitsy: just a little bit of salt.
me: how much?
Bitsy: two cups.
me: show me.
Bitsy points to the 1/4 tsp spoon.

well that is a relief

I add another 1/2 cup of flour, a little sugar - taste. Nope. still way wrong.

me: Bitsy, it doesn't taste right, how much did you put in.
Bitsy: 6
me: 6?
me: 10?

me: are you sure are you just saying that?
Bitsy: I'm sure.
me: you counted?
Bitsy: yup

and this is where I have no idea if that is the truth or if she is completely disconnected from what happened.

I add 2 1/2 cups of flour, 2 eggs, 1 cup of butter.
taste. still off.
some more of all of the above.

better. I think? my taste buds are fried and I don't feel very good anymore.

Damn it - I just wasted a ton of eggs. Are you aware eggs prices are rising at a ridiculous rate due to avian flu? mmm hmmm. And butter. Isn't cheap either. And don't forget that Divine Chocolate bar...

Dear Bitsy; I write these things so when you tell me I am exaggerating later in life I can google your stories and print them out for you. You are cute and funny and totally a handful.

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