Monday, September 14, 2015

Bright Cellars - it is about Wine

I am a wine drinker (and a coffee drinker and a chocolate lover)
I tend towards red wine but I don't have a particular favorite nor the ability to pick out all the nuances of undertones nor the ability to say "oh this is a really good wine" based on anything besides "I like it." I recently discovered via Twitter a start up company called Bright Cellars

And the company offers a little quiz to help determine what kinds of wine you might like. They send it to you (well, you buy it) and then you rate what you liked or didn't like and then they make new suggestions.

So I checked it out. 

I adored the quiz.

Now, to be honest, I don't have a monthly budget for trying out wine so I was a little nervous about signing up, but my "wine concierge" informed me that a bi-monthly subscription was an option and I wanted to help a start up out so I thought - give it three shipments. 

My first shipment arrived with 5 bottles, 2 red & 3 white. 

I tweeted that photo and someone at @brightcellars tweeted back #allyouneediswineandadog

totally. best hashtag ever. 
I knew I liked these kids when the option for which juice do I prefer included "is coffee juice?" but now I love them.

So I have opened two bottles.
A Sauvignon Blanc by Cambridge Cellars 2013
Cabernet Sauvignon/Grenache by Petit Chou 2013

I prefer the red. 
I liked the white better the day after I had opened it. I found it to be a very "clear" taste. 

If you would like to give it a try, they are offering a sweet 1/2 price intro. If you follow my referral link I get credit toward a free bottle. :)

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troutbirder said...

No red wine for me due to an allergic reaction to sulfonamides. White wine is ok though and beer....:)