Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Morning: Coffee & a Book

I recently read "Growing Up Black in White" by Kevin Hofmann
you can find it on Amazon here
and Amazon's description:
Growing Up Black in White is author Kevin Hofmann's gift to the American public seeking answers to so many questions about what it is to be raised in a racially diverse household. Born to a white mother and black father in Detroit in 1967, only weeks before the terrible race riots that brought a major city to its knees, the author was taken to a foster home and then adopted by a white minister and his wife, already the parents of three biological children. In this fascinating memoir, Hofmann reveals the difficulties and joys of being part of this family, particularly during a time and in a location where acceptance was tentative and emotions regarding race ran high and hot. Hofmann shares with readers the pressures and joys of being part of a family that navigated through tumultuous waters, and came out the victors in an old and oft-fought battle. This is a book that offers insight, humor, and plenty of hope.

The book was suggested to me. Being a white mom with children who are not the same race I am, I was curious to read Kevin's account of growing up as a black boy with white parents. I am sure not every experience he had is one that my children will live, however I would guess that my children would find commonalities in experience.

I appreciated his voice. I was/am somewhat in awe of some of the choices that his parents made. I am challenged by this book to reconsider some of my choices as a white mother to asian children. For parents, grandparents, godparents or good family friends of transracial adoptees I would suggest reading this book to hear Kevin's perspective and consider how to best be an ally to the children.

For people not a part of a transracial adoption triad, I would still recommend this book as an interesting perspective on race relations in the United States from someone who has had the opportunity to experience race from a different perspective.

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