Thursday, December 31, 2015

Birthday - Ice Skating & Spice Box Yarn Animals & Dirt Cake

My Birthday was quiet this year, quiet but cozy and sweet and lovely.

Little M - who isn't so little - made me a wonderful present.
Wonderful for many reasons. She'd received a little kit for Christmas to make pompom "friends" and while I am not big into the whole "make silly things" thing - when making silly things allows one to learn skills that are quickly being forgotten then I'm into it. Sure - its a pompom. But perhaps pompoms will lead to love of yarn and that might lead to knitting or crochet... I can hope.
She tried her hand and was frustrated that her first attempt didn't live up to her expectations. Tears. And wanting to put it all away and forget about it. So that she took it out, tried again, and made something she was proud to give to me - that was big. And I'm delighted. Because artists must fail - it is part of the journey.

She told me to name it want I wanted. And so I named it "Moo-Hoo" which is both in reference to M's name. And reference to my alma mater's current trendy nickname.

pompom owl, make pompoms, kit, yarn craft
my little "Moo Hoo"
And K made me a dirt cake from the Minimalist Baker.
I took a picture on Tim's phone so I'll add it later.
It was Tim friendly (vegan) and made with Oreos and probably coconut cream and was mmm good!
If you need a vegan desert check it out: Vegan Dirt Cake Minimalist Baker

We went ice skating in Charlottesville  with Wintergreen's snow sports teams - that was fun! None of the kids have skated before except M - she went for a friend's birthday once. Everyone was good sports though and gave it a good try. Afterwards we literally invaded Christian's pizza. I have to say, they (pizza place) handled the rush of over 50 people at once - really really well. 

(Main Street Arena in Charlottesville:
(Christian's Pizza: their vegan pizza was awesome!)

learning to skate at Main Street Arena

the kit I purchased was by "Spice Box" called "Yarn Animals." I can't find it on Amazon - not this kit specifically and I'm not actually sure where I picked it up. Michaels maybe? Joann's? Costco? Shoot, I hate when I can't remember where I bought something!
The kit had a combination of Spool Knit tools:
and pom-pom tools:
My M is nearly 11 years old and artsy and she needed a few tries to make it. The box says for kids 8 and up, definitely wouldn't go any younger.

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