Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Out in Colonial Williamsburg, the Everard House decorated for Christmastide

I have been working on a cape / capelet pattern for Whigs & Tories. I love the construction of the outer layer, in pieces which makes it more structured around the shoulders...  there is a full post over on Whigs & Tories blogspot

I took my daughter out to take pictures in Colonial Williamsburg and we started taking photos of the Holiday Decorations. I just love Williamsburg all ready for Christmas!
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Outside the Everard House

 History of the Brush-Everard House is here: Brush-Everard House

The Everard House faces the green in front of the Governor's Palace. When I was looking up its history I saw that there are photos of the inside. I've never been inside the Everard house. you might see some at this link: Thomas Everard House

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Adam said...

Hard to believe how close Christmas is already. August felt like yesterday