Saturday, December 5, 2015

Princess & her Hamburger

My German Shepherd has been working hard with Tidewater Schutzhund club and today we trialled for our IPO 1. (The Schutzhund Sport is a three pronged sport for working dogs. We've dedicated 2 years to training - with interruptions for ski season and long family trips during the summer.)

And Passed!
80 in tracking
75 in obedience
80 in protection.

Only last month she wouldn't pick up a dumbbell to save her life
and the entire club has been brainstorming to get the dog
through the dumbbell exercises.
Super Proud of her!

On the way home one of the club members, Brandon, texted me "give the princess a big chunk of hamburger she deserves it"
and while I was sitting on the ferry making my way home I came up with a plan:

GSD, german shepherd dog, pretty dog, good dog, celebrate
smells like hamburger!

yay! it is hamburger!

wait? but it is hamburger. what is this.

o.m.g. mom, I hate you

seriously, I hate you

o.k. I put my ear up pretty.
are we done yet?


and I sent Brandon back this text:
princess puppy, princess thalia, gsd, german shepherd dog,
princess eating her hamburger

I think now that she has proven herself I can go ahead with the plan to get her a pink collar
and myself a pink jacket to train her in.
Because we are princess, and we rock.

I haven't joined up with Pink Saturday in sometime -
but felt this post deserved to be seen a bit
even if it isn't crafty or Christmasy


Chippy White Cottage said...

LOL Good job, Princess!!! Merry Pink Saturday!

Cottage Blessings,
Chippy White Cottage

Adam said...

I've never given my dog hamburger before. Really good food makes her nuts for days, she ends up not eating her dog food. She got a hot dog before when she knocked off the oven after my mom had prepared a plate for herself. I saw her do it to, she stood up (a talent for Jack Russels) took her paw and knocked it down. She was pretty happy for the few seconds she was able to eat it.