Monday, December 28, 2015

Purple Sage

Tomorrow we, Tim and I with our older sons, (Kat is already there) will drive to Leesburg to say goodbye to our friend Richard. Tim knew him better than I did. He and Tim skied together and enjoyed ski team adventures together. I knew him only a little. A man who I remember as always smiling, always outside, never saying anything ugly or unnecessary, he loved his family, he enjoyed skiing, he loved to fish, he mixed a great margarita. He spent hours helping my son with his fishing and was always patient and encouraging.

his obituary is here: Richard Wyly

He took thousands of pictures. During ski season he took thousands of pictures of SARA ski racers. It didn't matter which team a person skied for, if Richard was at the race he took photos. He shared them via Smug Mug under the name Purple Sage 
Many of the pictures of skiing on this blog come from his Smug Mug collection.
I have some I bought from Smug Mug. I have one of the lights at night over Wintergreen that I bought with the intent to frame and hang up in our house. I meant to ask him to sign it. I never did. I regret missing that opportunity.

The team will not be the same without him. Tim misses him, and I miss him. Our children miss him. Our thoughts are with his family.

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