Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kat's vegan chocolate chip cookies

Kat loves to bake and she's in the kitchen all the time. At one point we even had a little cookie business she experimented with "Kathleen's Kitchen" today she's headed over to her friend's house for a 17th Birthday get together and even though the invite stated "no gifts" Kat didn't want to show up empty handed. So she decided to make cookies. Her friend is vegan. Normally when I bake I substitute flax seed for the egg but we didn't have any in the house. So we did a search on "vegan egg replacers" and found this list on vegan baking first on the list is flax seed but second is chick pea flour. Seriously. Chickpeas. And yes, we actually had some. On occasion Tim visits the Indian Grocer in Richmond and picks up all kinds of stuff, lentils for dahl, amazing rice, and apparently chick pea flour also called besan flour.

So Kat proceded to make chocolate chip cookies following the regular recipe and substituting coconut oil for butter and chickpea flour for eggs. (1/4 cup chickpea flour + 1/4 cup warm water = 1 egg) She noted that the batter was very moist and thought about adding more flour then decided to cook up 4 cookies and see what happened before she adjusted the recipe.

vegan chocolate chip cookie, vegan cookie, coconut oil, chickpea flour, egg substitute
looks like a chocolate chip cookie

tastes like a chocolate chip cookie... but like it has nuts in it. It does not have nuts in it.
Both taste testers said it tasted just a little bit "healthy" or "wholesome" but overall it was a good cookie.

vegan chocolate chip cookie, vegan cookie, coconut oil, chickpea flour, eggless
all ready for gifting

we found an old cookie tin in the pantry and she wrapped the lid in pretty paper and off she went to celebrate with her 17 year old, vegan, best friend.

Happy Birthday Anna!

It just occurred to me that it is Saturday. I have not participated in a Pink Saturday link up in sometime. I wonder if they are still happening? A quick look at "How Sweet the Sound" blog and yes, yes they are. So I'm joining the pink ladies today:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

automatic phone sync

There are several people in this house.
There are several phones in this house.
Phones with cameras.
And small children who love selfies.
And the phones automatically sync, and if you aren't paying attention, they dump the photos into Dropbox. Dropbox is owned by the company (as is my computer.) So today, looking for a photo for work, I noticed that my son's phone has flooded the Dropbox "photos" folder. There are some photos of his and he would most likely prefer the entire office not see them, but not really anything incriminating (aside from the regular embarrassment of a 14 yr old boys private world on display) but there are literally hundreds of selfies by the 5 yr old. And hundred of pictures of a corner, or a bed, or the floor or whatever...

Little Hawk wuz here

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shenanigans at Great Grandma's

"Silly or High Spirited Behavior"

We have not checked in on Great Grandma recently and I've been feeling badly about that. So tonight we did. I called Rusy her caretaker around 5:30 and said we were finishing dinner and we'd be over within the hour if that suited her. It did. And we went.

It isn't easy to keep up a conversation these days, so we opted for a game of cards. "Go Fish" so that everybody could play. 8 year old Bitsy offered to be on Great Grandma's team.

Great Grandma & Bitsy
That pairing proved to be highly entertaining for the rest of us. Bitsy does know "Go Fish" however Great Grandma was playing her own game. Her winning hand:

Bitsy was in fits of giggles and we kept saying "go with it" so Great Grandma would tell Bitsy to pick up a card, and Bitsy would. Then she'd ask one of us for a 7 because she was still trying to make pairs. 

Little Hawk & Rusy
In Rusy we've been blessed with an additional family member. She remembers when MLyons (now 10) wasn't walking. She loves the children and is essentially an Auntie. The running around to activities keeps us from visiting as much as we should. Which is dumb really. 

this is Pumpkin.
Pumpkin the cat kept turning up under Great Grandma's porch having kittens. So finally Great Grandma's daughter, Grandma, got a hold of her and took her to the vet for shots. I think they spayed her too. She was initially just an outside visitor who would stop by for dinner but over the years she's become Great Grandma & Rusy's cat. 

emptying the kitchen of sweets

Great Grandma likes to make sure the kids have snacks and sweets. She usually has stock of Dove bars but with the weather they haven't been shopping. So Rusy pulled out everything they did have! Edy's Juice ice pops, Pepperidge farm cookies, left over Valentine's candy... I stepped out into the sitting room to speak to Great Grandma and Bitsy stole my phone to take pictures.

Monday, March 9, 2015

A snowy walk around Kingsmill

my son, Dragon out with the dogs
Somehow, while we were buried in snow, posting snow pictures became less enticing. But now that it has all thawed and Tidewater is back to its usual business remembering the snow is more fun.

snow, winterscape, canoes, kingsmill, virginia, winter
snow covered canoes in Kingsmill

wareham's pond, snow, frozen, bridge, kingsmill, virginia, winters cape