Monday, April 13, 2015

A sweet summer dress for M

Ah, pretty lavender check dress! How sweet! And Mlyons loves it, says it is so comfortable! I haven't sewn in a while and this little pattern, that ought to be straight forward and take less than two hours, gave me a run for my money.

This bit here:

 that illustration 13, they are sort of lifting it up and I just couldn't figure out what it meant.

the pattern tries to tell the sewer that although you've turned the lining and bodice right side out, that you are going to sew front of bodice to back of bodice by turning that section inside out again. I had to sew and rip stitches 4 times to get that. 4 times! Following written directions is not my strong suit to begin with, and I was sewing late on Friday night, but still... 4 times.

She is pleased with it though. So of course it is worth it.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015


ah! It is spring in Virginia! *sigh*
I have friends in the North East letting us know it is still snowing and I am grateful that my lawn is covered in cherry blossom petals from the rainstorm last night.

My teenage track champion is not so pleased. "I am trying to run" she complained gasping "and everyone has giant pollen power puff bombs planted in their front yard. I can not breathe."

In truth she cannot. I finally convinced her to let me take her to Urgent Care as she has been sniffling and having sinus headaches for weeks and her mile times are showing that she is not 100%.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

So this happened, and then there was a chicken.

March 17th. Car Crash. Nasty Leprechaun's I *was wearing green!

this is my car! my poor car!

The 8 year old was in the car.
The 5 year old was in the car.
The German Shepherd was in the car.
The Black Lab was in the car.

I dropped my oldest off at Patriot Driving School, just behind the veterinarian there on the corner by the light near Eastern State Hospital. I was driving back towards Newtown and a car came out of one of the cross roads and hit my car. I have never been in a real car crash until now. Fender benders, yes. Air bags deploying, no.

So there I was just driving along. I noted the runner on my left, I'd passed him on my way to the driving school and I saw him again, now on my left, on the way back from the driving school. He was skipping sideways, had longish socks that came half way up his calves, and was wearing ear phones. I'm telling you all this so you know I wasn't off in a dream world not paying attention to my surroundings. And suddenly out of the corner of my eye to my left I see a black fender and it feels like this thing just came roaring out of nowhere and I had enough time to register that and then it hit. Holy Smokes. I kinda wonder what all happened in those nano seconds, I wish there was a camera in the car. Because I literally registered, black vehicle to my left and it is going to hit me, and then the physical sensation of being hit, and then my car was stopped and the horn was blowing and I registered some vaporish thing off the hood of my car and thought "get out." My door was smashed in so I climbed across to the passenger door and got out, and then tried to open the sliding door to get my kids. That wouldn't open so I had them climb into the front to get out.

People materialized out of thin air. Someone called 911. That runner I mentioned came over to see if I needed help. Someone in red/maroon colored scrubs told me I was bleeding, but it was just a small cut probably from the broken glass. There was glass all over my car. I couldn't find my phone. I used someone else's to call my husband in Florida. Thank goodness he answered, he so often does not. He sent a local friend to come pick us up. The woman in scrubs took the laces out of her running shoes to act as leashes so I could get the dogs out. A woman who lived across the street had already scooped up Bitsy into her lap while I was getting Little Hawk and she scooped up Little Hawk and just sat holding them while I got the dogs, talked to police, talked to EMTs.

The EMTs wanted to know who hit the windshield. I think it must have been the dog. Everyone else was in seat belts. Of course they offered to take me to the hospital but I was in full "mom" mode and was not going to be able to calm down until I had all 6 kids back at home. I had already called our neighbor and asked her to pick up the boys from soccer. And I had found a ride for the oldest home from driving school but the middle child was at home getting ready for ballet and expecting me. I needed to get home.

So I did get home. Thanks to friends and coworkers.

The next day my husband asked a coworker to go to the tow yard to get some more photos of the car.

being guarded by a rooster

B. sent pictures of this rooster guarding the car, and hilarious accounts of literally being chased around my car by said rooster. This rooster was absolutely guarding my vehicle.

Then he sent this video which possibly explains why the rooster was guarding the vehicle. If you are sensitive to foul language (no pun intended) be aware that the f-bomb will be said.


He later stated that it appeared that the chicken had found her way into the van and gotten comfortable on top of my bin of dog training items, but couldn't seem to find her way out. So B. literally had to shoo her out and help her along the way!

Tim (husband) was receiving all of these videos and photos while he was out of town at a clients. He happened to see the Geico Commercial with the Free Roaming Chicken and decided to edit his own version. 
When I look at these photos of the car I am amazed that we walked away from that crash. 20 years ago I would not have been able to get out of that car on my own. I can attest that the crash rating on this vehicle is every bit as good as it says it is. The children were not physically hurt. Frightened yes. But the 8 year old got away with only a little neck pain, they did X-rays and her neck was fine. Motrin for a few days and no more complaints. The 5 year old is having nightmares, understandably, but will hopefully work his way through that. As for me, it is taking longer to heal. I'm to see an acupuncturist Friday - I've never done that before. We haven't received the final from insurance as to whether they intend to total the car (and perhaps donate it to the chickens) or attempt to fix it. If they do total it, I'm likely to buy another Honda.

Oh, the man driving the car that hit me seems alright. Do you know how lucky he is?!? Head on collision and no seat belt! But he walked over and shook my hand and asked me if my children were hurt. So I believe he is okay. I hope he is okay. He was on his way to work.