Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Sewing

for years I've had this idea in the back of my head... that I would sew & sell clothes and eventually have people help me to sew and sell those clothes. And something clicked this spring and I decided to jump in and see what would happen. So with a friend I created "Whigs & Tories." Then my friend got promoted, found out her baby has some immune challenges and pretty much: bad timing for her to start a new project. So now it is me, and a lady named Heather who does about 1/2 of the sewing.

We have quite the little collection going:

 you can see  more on Instagram

some of our things are only being shown in local locations: Sugar & Spice and Revibe Co. are both businesses in Williamsburg that are showing pieces from Whigs & Tories.

You can also find us on Etsy:

For summer we are offering comfort waist shorts, JonJon's, Pinafore sets with ruffle diaper covers, and classic sundresses. As summer progresses we are starting to plan for fall; A-line jumpers and capris and Holiday clothes are being planned.

and I'm joining Bev's Pink Saturday link-up:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wet dogs - Happy dogs

We are *supposed to be at swim practice. But yesterday logged in at 100+ degrees out and we didn't get out too much so today we skipped the pool to take the dogs to river. It is only in the 80's so they could swim & play and still be able to walk 1/2 mile home without getting too hot.

We are keeping an eye on a friends Malinois this week. I think he is 8 years old. He still has the energy level of most puppies. Luckily he is very happy as long as he has a toy in his mouth, so he runs in circles with his ball while my dog fetches hers. My big black doesn't play fetch much anymore. He'd rather just survey the games from the shade. Honestly, I think the big black is a reincarnated southern gentleman. He would love to spend his day on my front porch, front paws crossed, watching the world go by. In my mind's eye I see an older gentleman in his rocker, with a cigar and his bourbon, sitting on my front porch doing the same thing.

Taking the Malinois to the river was funny. I know he plays in water but maybe not deep water very much. Once he got deep his paddling was very huge splashy front paw movements - he much preferred to stay where he could feel the bottom.

At any rate, all three are quiet for the moment.

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